The Hunter

The Hunter

The Hunter is a high quality action based game with an awesome theme of woods. P [...]

hero saga

fight the hero to win player 1 player 2 walk = W,D walk = arrow keys jump = A ju [...]


Two mafia and one girl. Both of them fall in love with one girl. They want to wi [...]

Zuckerberg Fight

Fight the CEO of the world's most annoying social network Zuckerberg. Zuckberg c [...]

New Crows Zero

New Crows Zero is a story about two friends fighting against evil gangsters. It [...]

Fighting Brother 2

Fighting Brother 2,funny game! p1:ASWD to move,J hand fight,K foot fight,L jump, [...]

Dragon Street

Dragon Street is a karate style fighting game. It has got different enemies in e [...]

Doom Forge

Legendary 3D duels against real players, featuring spectacular super-combos make [...]


Space key is used to fire. Mouse is used to move your plane. Enter key is used t [...]

Rocker Defence

Become a true russian rocker, and fight your rivals! Fight through all the level [...]

Boss Fight Game

identical to relieve stress :) Take him beat stress. Keywords.: Fighting game, m [...]

Space Ace

Clear 5 levels Asteroids to clear the interstellar shipping lane Clear 5 levels [...]

Running Grey

Train your reflexes in this fun new game. Try to hit all the flying objects..... [...]

City Inspectors Hacked

city-inspectors-hacked version ASDF JK

Zodiac ninja

Simple fighting game agianst zodiac signs. hope you enjoy! move with arrow keys. [...]

Shin Lee: Dragon’s Heart

You are Shin Lee, mighty martial arts master. Your grandfather sent you a letter [...]

Revolutionary War TD

In the game, you will command your army against the most powerful empire of the [...]

winning fighter 2 players

2 group stick fighters duel to win the control of the street. player1:RIGHT/LEFT [...]

Real Counter-Strike 2

As robbers arise with economic crisis, the wild clan receives an order to wipe t [...]

Crazy Birds

This is a type of casual games,you should control cannons to attack the crazy bi [...]

Stick Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

I love this game. ASDF+JK UP/down/left/righ+end/pagedown

Ultra Metal

create new and improved for complete destroy your enemy with what you [...]

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