Features and Fequently Asked Questions

Kidzeegames is a website that allows you to play a great selection of games for free, but sometimes the volume of fun we offer can become overwhelming. We have put this information here to help people better use and enjoy


What are “Points” and how do I earn them?



Points, are just a bonus for playing games, submitting scores and winning trophies for getting the highest score. They have no monetary value but they can be used to enter some game tournaments as well as bragging rights and will have more uses in the future. Players get reward (Kidzee T-shirts) after achieving specific points.


Tasks and Point Reward
Play a Game – 1
Submit a Score – 10
Get a High Score – 10
Earn the Games Highest Score Trophy – 10
Comment on a Game – 1
Rate a Game – 1
Log In Daily – 5
Achieving a Medal – 25
New Joining – 100


Those Players having 10000 points in there account get reward kidzee T-shirts

 After Scoring 10000 points just send few details to get your free kidzee T-shirts


Address of Delivery:————–

Mobile/phone number:——————

Send all detail on (


How Can I find the game I want to Play?
You can find the games you want by searching using the search bar.

Or you can click on the Category and select a game by category.


What are these little Buttons under the games and what do they do?

1. The first one Makes the game run in full screen (Not all games support Full Screen Mode)
2. The second one dims out the rest of the website making the game the focus of your screen.
3. The third one adds or removes the current game to your favorite games list on the main page.

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