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Monster mirror game showcase a number of pictures that you would need to identify in each of the monstrous photographs. The monster is a combination of your face and brain and different mirrors make them look weird tablet games and mobile games the monster in the mirror game. Try out the Monster Mirror game.

Can you find all of the monstrous differences in each of these pictures?Monster Mirror

The monster in the mirror game is something I’m about to share with you. It can be life changing- and it can be useless. It all depends on the way you do it. Now, before we go any further, here’s a few warnings:

-If you scare easily, this isn’t for you.

-If you lack emotional stability, this isn’t for you.

-If you lack patience, this isn’t for you.

-If you lack the ability to take anything seriously, this isn’t for you.

Most of you should have backed out by now, but if you’re anything like me, then you’re still reading. If you’re interested in how I’d come across the game, here’s a bit of back story: my brother had first told me about the game. He’d come home one day, and asked me to check on him every hour. He’d be in the upstairs bathroom, playing a game he’d heard of from one of his friends. Our upstairs bathroom had no windows, so it was the perfect place to play it. I’d asked him what he’d meant, but he didn’t tell me, he just marched up to the bathroom and told me again to check on him in an hour tablet games and mobile games.

When I finally did check on him, I’d found him shaking and staring blankly in the mirror. I tapped his shoulder, and he turned to face me, nodded, and left the room. He never used the upstairs bathroom again. It been a while before he was finally able to tell me about the game. He told me the rules, what it was, and what happened.

It sent a shiver down my back. I can’t tell you what happened to him, because it was extremely personal and frankly he’d kill me if I did, but I can tell you how to play and what you’ll be doing.

You see, in the monster in the mirror game you’re not talking to a ghost or an actual monster, but you’re talking to yourself. You’re talking to the side of you that lingers in your subconscious. You’re letting them out, but only momentarily. What’s most important about this is the fact that you need to be in control the entire time. If you lose it- even for a second- there’s a chance you might not gain it back Monster mirror game. That being said, if you’re still brave enough to play, here are the rules:

First things first, you’ll need a few things:

-The Monster in the Mirror Game

-A pen/pencil

-A piece of paper

-A mirror that you can clearly see yourself in

-A small light source (a flashlight/nightlight)

-Someone to check on you every hour

Once you have all these things you’re ready to start. First, be in a pitch black room with the mirror, and have something to write on. Second, plug in the nightlight, or turn on the flashlight. The point of this it to make it as dark as possible while still being able to see. Third, make sure there are no distractions. You need to be alone in the room, the person who is to check on you should wait just out side the room you’re in tablet games and mobile games. Now, this is where patience comes in handy. You see, this can be anywhere from a few minutes to hours. What you need to do is just stare into the mirror, and wait. You may notice that words are coming into your head, words that don’t completely feel are yours. Write them down the monster in the mirror game.

Every one’s experience is different. Some will hear voices, others will start to hallucinate monster mirror game. Don’t let this scare you, write down whatever you can. You won’t need to talk- because they already know what your going to say.

They themselves will say things that will stick with you, but don’t let them scare you, tablet games and mobile games and most importantly, don’t break eye contact with your reflection. Ever.

Just a few more things, if the light ever goes out, get out of there. If you break eye contact, get out of there. If you start to lose control, get out of there. If this has already been enough to put you on edge, this is not for you. If you’re still going through with it- good luck. Your about to see the monster beneath the surface, and you can’t run from yourself.

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